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Break Into the World of Professional Photography.

Learn the Secrets to Success.

I remember what it felt like to be where you are right now, and I've created a book to share everything I know about building a successful photography business.

  • As photographers we're always trying to take amazing photos, yet our energy does not go into selling them. Taking pictures is something we naturally love to do - it's fun. But selling them is something entirely different. It's the reason that most people love photography but few can actually survive as professional photographers. Living the life of a photographer and selling your own photos as your sole source of income is something that many dream about, but many never achieve.
  • You probably own a digital camera and have become a a skilled photographer, or you have been rapidly improving your skills. You've been looking at the work of talented professional photographers thought that it would be amazing if you could start your own professional photography business too.
  • You don't know the first step to take to go from shooting good photos to making money and sustaining yourself through a business based on selling your photos.
  • To survive, you must sell your photos. I've written the book I wish I had when I started out, and I want this book to teach, motivate, and inspire you to become a successful professional photographer if that is something you'd like to do.

to launching your photo business! 

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Thank you again for sharing your photography expertise with me! You have such a gift, and in addition, you are a great teacher. Thank you for your offer for me to email with questions - I will always try to figure them out first, but if I get really stuck, I am thankful that I can ask you for a bit of advice. I thank you again for your time and clear explanations. I learned SO much, Jeff!!!

Julie R., Seattle


  1. I created this book and training program for you, the aspiring professional photographer. You love to shoot photos, learn all about the latest cameras and lenses, and you want to know the steps to becoming a professional.
  2. This book will provide you with the real secrets to achieving long-term success in the business of photography. The information I provide is based on my real experience. I share it with you openly and honestly.
  3. I want to teach you the secrets to making your goals realities. The "Shoot It Sell It" book and training program provide you with specific and concrete advice to show you what to do with clear, step-by-step instructions. It will instantly motivate you to launch your own photography business and start selling your photos right now.

Unsure of whether this book is right for you? 
Here is my recommendation:

Ask yourself: "Do I know a lot about business, self-promotion, entrepreneurship and sales?

Have you learned everything you need about the photo business on YouTube or online searches?

Have you been able to find simple, easy-to-understand answers to your questions?

If You Can’t Find The Info You Need Easily You May Be Ready To Take The Next Step And Get A Book About Becoming a Professional Photographer - a book Created Just For People Like You Who Want To Take that next step to go from being a Budding photographer to becoming a pro!

If You Want To Rock It With Your Photo Business and feel like it's Finally Time To start building the foundation to a solid photo business, This Is Just The Book For You!  

I want to share with you the next steps you can take to greatly improve your chances for success as a professional photographer.

I truly believe that you can start a photo business and sell your work. It is natural to feel some self-doubt about the path you have to travel to get where you want to be. I know you have it because I did too when I was starting out.

I want to motivate you to go further. I know that change is scary. I remember when I was just starting out as a photographer and didn't know if I could ever get paid to be a professional. I took a few big chances and they paid off.  I suggest that when you feel scared that should let that resistance to move forward be your compass and force you to do that uncomfortable thing.

Jeff Luke
Photographer & Author


What Others Are Saying...

“I’m looking forward to learning new tips and skills. It’s nice to have someone that I feel is honest and fair to ask questions of, thank you.”
— Patti H., California
Wow this is such a creative and easy-to-understand book. I will definitely reference it.
— Olivia C., New York
Thank you very much for your book...It’s terrific! I started it this morning and love it! You’re a very talented fellow. You explain things in an easy going wonderful way with great, helpful insights.
— Steve H., Washington

Written Specifically for the Aspiring Photographer


This book shows you what you need to know about business. There are thousands of books to teach you about taking better photos. This book fills a different niche. It teaches you about the business side.  

Remember: If you don't invest in top quality photo instruction, your business skills will suffer, and your business cash flow will too. I recommend learning as much by reading a variety of business books, and especially those that focus on photography.

This book teaches you “Business Tips and Secrets” that are not found anywhere else. You will find many ideas that give you a powerful kickstart when you set up your own photo business.

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Jeffrey Luke is a professional photographer who has photographed hundreds of celebrities, musicians, artists and other famous people over the years.

His photos have appeared in the New York Times, USA Today and Forbes Magazine.

He started his career as a photographer for newspapers and magazines, and now photographs people for businesses throughout Seattle and the USA and also continues to expand his creative horizons by selling prints and books of his latest creative pursuit: Animal Donut.


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